Sep. 10, 2006

Welcome Welcome!!

Hi There!

Welcome to the space where, for the next few months, I will be recording and reflecting on my ventures into the exciting world of Public History. This blog is a required part of course and program requirements for my MA in Public History, but I really hope that it will be exciting (or at the very least interesting) to write and to read.

I suppose that I should explain the title of my blog briefly. Instead of simply naming the blog after myself, I decided to choose a title that reflected both my willingness to try new things as well as my expectation that I'm going to screw-up along the way. Hopefully, I can learn from those screw-ups with a smile on my face... well, maybe I'll look back on those screw-ups and smile... ;-p

The links that you will find on the side connect you to both more information about my program as well as to some social justice issues that I'm interested in. If I'm going to put myself out on the Web, I might as well use this opportunity to raise awareness as well!

To friends and family who take the time to read these posts: Hopefully this blog will give you a better idea of what I'm doing at school. And no, I haven't transformed into a computer geek. Yet.

To my profs: So far, so good. I hope this is a decent intro!!

And if you're still reading and intend to read subsequent posts, whoever you are, thanks so much for your interest and support.